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The majority of websites listed below are multi-page sites.

About Driver Studios

Driver Studios continues to produce professional graphic communication into our 37th year. Our experience with projects includes graphic design, web design, ads, brochures, catalogs, programs, apparel, flyers, posters, package design, logo design, architectural rendering, product design, book publishing, writing, editing and other special projects.

We decided to reach out to those who want a presence on the web that is lighter on the budget. In the coming months, this site will feature more offers as we continue development of exciting things for our clients.

I find that Mr. Victor Driver is a talented and gifted artist!

Grace Holden

CDA,COMSA Emeritus

As long as our company has been in business, we have had an excellent business relationship with Driver Studios.  Driver Studios has met our business needs in the areas of:

  1. Graphics Design for our products labels
  2. Web Site Design and Hosting
  3. Point of Sale Design and Printing
  4. Stationery Design and Printing

Above all, Victor Driver, the owner of Driver Studios, possesses a vibrant and friendly personality.  He commands a positive attitude in all that he does; from a personal and business perspective.

Should anyone have business needs in the areas that I have mentioned, I personally recommend that Driver Studios should certainly be considered for such needs.

Simon Sagonda

General Manager, Sagma Enterprises LLC

What I appreciated most about working with Driver Studios was his delivery and expected results. I would highly recommend working with DriverStudios.

Michael Hampton

What am I purchasing with these special prices?
All of our websites are a responsive design. This means that your website will adjust in dimension according to the device (phone, tablet, computer) that is used to view the site. These special prices do not include custom design. We will start from one of our templates and modify it to fit your color, logo, photos, and content. It will be pleasing to the eye and very functional. After your website is completed, pages that you produce for your site incur no extra cost. It is important for the client to be prepared and to make absolute decisions so that we only have to make minor modifications as we develop the site.
What do you need from me?
After your purchase, we consult with you to get your information and files. You supply the content (words, pictures, logo, etc.) and provide details about color and the purpose of the site.
How Large is a 1-Page Website?
The length of a 1-Page website is about the dimension of a letter-sized sheet and up to the dimensions of a legal-sized sheet. Often the dimensions may vary according to design and other factors.
What is a Mini Contact Form?
A Mini Contact Form for a 1-Page web page is a Contact Form that is condensed in size to fit onto the single page layout. The size of the Contact Form will depend upon the other elements in your layout.
What are Social Media Links?
Social media links include FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, etc. There are no extra fees to link your existing social media sites from your website. However, we can develop some of the social media pages for an additional fee.
What is Basic SEO?
SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. After your site is completed, we will share information about the existence of your website to at least 25 different search engines and directories. This includes Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines and we only do it once. To submit your website to search engines and directories daily, weekly or monthly is an additional monthly charge.
Will I have access to my website to make changes?
YES. A username and password will be sent to you so that you can make changes, modify existing content, create new content or new pages on your website after it is completed. There is no extra charge for you to make changes to your site. We can modify or add to your site for an hourly fee or a set monthly fee, depending upon your needs. One hour of training is available. Please inquire.
Is the Web Hosting Fee required?
YES.  Web hosting and server maintenance are necessary to help us fight hacking, malware, viruses and mechanical errors that man-made products have. This is done in several ways – including regular updates of various web plugins, themes, security plugins, and the core WordPress software. We also have expenses associated with our servers. The monthly Website Hosting Fee is not the same as Design Fees for modifying content and layout. Web Design and modification of content are billed either hourly or as an additional monthly charge. We prefer that the client make the simple text changes to save money.

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